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Chapter 22 A Warm Wind

When Wilbur came home, he placed Charlotte's unborn children in a safe corner.His friends were glad to see him.Mr Zuckerman hung the medal on a nail over the pig pen.Wilbur no longer worried about being killed by Mr Zuckerman.Everyday,Wilbur would looked at the torn web and thought about Charlotte as he had never had a friend so affectionate,so loyal and so skilful.At last springtime came,a new lamb was born and the goose was sitting on nine eggs.One morning,Wilbur was watching Charlotte's egg sac,he saw a tiny spidercrawled out from the sac.The spider looked like Charlotte.Soon a few more spiders crawled out.At last Charlotte's children came out.The baby spiders spend several days at tha barn.Then one morning,Mr Zuckerman opened the door and the baby spiders felt the warm updraught and they pointed their spinnerets in the air to make a balloon.The baby spiders soon sailed away.Three baby spiders stayed behind and Wilbur called them,Joy,Aranea and Nellie.Wilbur never forget Charlotte although he loved her children.

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Chapter 21 The Last Day

Charlotte and Wilbur were left alone as Mr Zuckerman and Mr Avable's family went to look for Fern.Charlotte told Wilbur that he could rest assured as he mean a great deal to Mr Zuckerman and he would not harm him.Wilbur cried as he felt bad for he had thought that Charlotte was bloodthirsty and cruel and he had never done anything for Charlotte.Charlotte helped Wilbur as he was her friend.Charlotte told Wilbur that she was not going to the barn.Wilbur decided that he would bring back Charlotte's egg sac back to the barn.Wilbur asked Templeton to help him to get the egg sac down.Wilbur agreed with Templeton that he would let Templeton eat his food first.Templeton climbed up to get the egg sac and then he pass the egg sac to Wilbur.Wilbur was shoved into the crate and he winked at Charlotte at the last time before Charlotte die.
Chapter 20 The Hour of Triumph

The management of the Fair wanted to give an award for Wilbur and Mr Zuckerman.Wilbur trembled when he heard the speech.Mrs Arable gave Fern some money to go and play.Wilbur was put into a crate before he was put onto the stage.Everyone clapped when they saw Wilbur coming out.Everyone was noted how Smoothness and whiteness of the coat,spotless skin and the healthy pink glow of ears and snout.The management of the Fair had a prize of twenty-five dollars for Mr Zuckerman and a bronze medal for Wilbur.Wilbur fainted and was unconscious.Lurvy went to get some water to dash so water at Wilbur.One of the judges handed Mr Zuckerman with the prize money and he tied the medal around Wilbur's neck.When Wilbur was shoved back into the crate,Lurvy came rushing through the crowd carrying a pail of water,in excitement,he missed his aim and splashed the water on Mr Zuckerman and on Avery.Avery was brought back by his mother into the truck and Mr Arble drove them back to the barn.
Chapter 19 The Egg Sac

The next morning,Wilbur woke up and looked at Charlotte.He noticed a sac beside Charlotte.Wilbur thought that it was a plaything but Charlotte told him that it was her egg sac.Charlotte told Wilbur that there were five hundred and fourteen eggs in the sac and the sac was waterproof.Charlotte told Wilbur that the eggs would hatched until next spring and that she was slowing up.Templeton came back and was twice his normal size.Templeton noticed that the pig next door had a blue ribbon and told Wilbur that he would be kill and make Wilbur into ham and bacon.Charlotte told Wilbur not to listen to Templeton.Mr Zuckerman noticed Charlotte web that read ''humble'' and gave Wilbur a buttemilk bath.Soon crowds form to see Wilbur being bath.An announcement was made to give a award to Wilbur.Everyone was excited about it.

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Chapter 18 The Cool of the Evening

In the evening,Templeton crept out from the crate, he detected fine smell in the air with his nose. Just before he went around searching for his food, Charlotte ask him to bring a word back.Templeton mumbled something to himself as he did not liked to be treated as a messenger boy.He came back with a word that said ''humble''.Charlotte spinned the word ''humble'' into the centre of the web while Templeton enjoyed himself at the Fair.Lurvy gave Wilbur some fresh straw before he left the Fair.Wibur wanted Charlotte to sing him the same song that she sang to him before.But Charlotte was too tired to sing.Wibur asked her what she was do but Charlotte relpied that she was making something for herself and she would tell wilbur the next day.

Chapter 17 Uncle

When they reached the fair ground, they could hearmusic and could see the Ferris Wheel turnig in the sky.Mrs Arable gave Fern and Avery some money to spend at the Fair but wanted them to return for their lunch.When Wilbur was unloaded,Charlotte waited for her chance to climb up the post under the side of the roof without anyone noticing.Charlotte told Wilbur that the next door pig was enormous. Charlotte went over the next pen and talk to the pig next door. Then she went back to Wilbur's pen, she told Wilbur that the pig next door is a spring pig.Charlotte looked rather swollen and listless.Charlotte wento take a nap.Lurvy came back from the fair with a blanket he won.He use it to make a tent and Fern and Avery went to sleep after their lunch.
Chapter 16 Off to the Fair

The night before the fair,everyone was sleeping early except Charlotte.The next day,everyone including the animals woke up early.Everyone was preparing themsalves for the Fair.Mrs Zuckerman gave Wilbur a buttermilk bath.Charlotte decided to go to the Fair with Wilbur and asked Templeton if he would go to help her to do some errands.At first,Templeton did not want to go but after hearing what the old sheep said, he changed his mind and Charlotte and him went to hide in the crate and hid themselves. Mr. Arable said that Wilbur would be an extra good ham and bacon, when Wilbur heard this, he fainted. Lurvy took a pail of water and splash it on Wilbur.Mr Zuckerman,Mr Arable and Lurvy tried to catch Wilbur but he struggled.Soon he was being push into the crate.Then they carried the crate up onto the truck.

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Chapter 15 The Crickets

Summer was over.One day,a lot of people came to admire him as Charlotte had written the word''RADIANT''.When his audience grew bored,he would do a back flip with a half twist.When he did this,the audience would yell and cheer for Wilbur.Wilbur know it was almost time to go to the fair and he wanted Charlotte to come along with him.But Charlotte had agreed with Wilbur that she would go if she could go.
Chapter 14 Dr. Dorian

The next day,Fern told her mother that the animals in the barn could talk and Charlotte was the best story teller.Fern told her mother that the animals in the barn were her friends and did not want to go out and play.Mrs Arable found it very strange and went to consult Dr. Dorian.Dr. Dorian said that Fern paid more attention to the animals than the adults.Mrs Arable told Dr. Dorian that Fern had a good appetite and sleep well at night.Dr. Dorian told Mrs Arable that she would not need to worry so much about Fern.Mrs. Arable was relieved to hear that and she said good-bye to Dr.Dorain and left.
Chapter 13 Good Progess

During the night, Charlotte was working on her web.The next morning,her work was done.When Lurvy was bringing Wilbur's breakfast,he noticed the web.They was some words on the web.It wrote ''TERRIFIC''.Lurvy rushed back to the house to tell Mr Zuckerman about the next miracle.Mr Zuckerman then phoned the Arables.The Arable rushed over to Mr Zuckerman's house to see the miracle.The news soon spread.People came to see the next miracle.While Mr Zuckerman told Lurvy to build a crate for Wilbur to bring him to the country fair,Templeton was at the dump looking for another word.He tore out some to show Charlotte but she said it would not help.Templeton went back to the dump and this time,he brought back a piece of cardboard that wrote " WITH NEW RADIANT ACTION ". Charlotte asked Wilbur to run,jumpe in the air and to do a back flip with a half twist in it.Wilbur told Charlotte that he felt radiant.At night,Wilbur was unable to sleep so Charlotte told him two stories and sang him a song before he went to sleep.
Chapter 12 A Meeting

One evening,a few days after the wrting had appeared,Charlotte called for a meeting of all the animals.Charlotte asked the animals to give their suggestion on new words to spin on her web.The goose suggested the word ''terrific''.Charlotte thought that the word might impress Mr Zuckerman.But Wilbur thought he was not terrific.The oldest sheep said that Templeton might be able to find words in the dump.Just then,Templeton entered the barn.The sheep told him to get a magzazine for Charlotte.But Templeton did not want to help to save Wilbur .Until when the sheep told Templeton that when the next January comes,Wilbur would die.And he would not have his chief source of food.When Templetonheard this,he said that he make a trip to the dump.Charlotte tore her web to make the word ''terrific''.
Chapter 11 The Miracle

The next day was foggy.Charlotte's web was a truly beautiful on foggy mornings. Luvry ,who was bring Wilbur's breakfast,noticed the web.In the centre of the web,neatly woven in block letters.It said: SOME PIG! Lurvy thought that he was seeing things then he dropped to his knees and uttered a short prayer.Then he went back to the house to tell Mr Zuckerman.Mr Zuckerman thought that there was something wrong with Wilbur but Lurvy told him to follow.When Mr Zuckerman saw the words on the web,he and Lurvy trembled.They stared a long time at Wilbur and Charlotte.Mr Zuckerman went into his house told his wife what had happened.When Mrs Zuckerman heard it, she looked frighten and pale.Mr Zuckerman thought that they had an unusual pig.
Wilbur was pleased to receive so much attention and Charlotte was delighted that her trick had worked.Mr Zuckerman went to tell the minister.As secrets are hard to keep,before Sunday the news spreaded all over the country.When Fern told her mother that Avery had tried to hit the spider,she sent him to bed.Mr Zuckerman increased Wilbur's meals and Lurvy was to feed Wilbur while the visitors look.
Fern was happy that Charlotte's trick had worked and Wilbur's life would be saved.
Chapter 10 An Explosion

Day after day,Charlotte was thinking of a plan to save Wilbur.After some time, a plan came to her.Wilbur asked Charlotte what was the plan about.Charlotte told Wilbur that humans are gullible.That morning,Fern and Avery went to the barn.Later,Fern went to visit Wilbur so Avery followed her.At this moment,Avery noticed Charlotte, he stood on the fence and tried to knock down Charlotte into a candy box.Fern tried to stop Avery but he would not listen.As he was about to knock down Charlotte,he lost his balance and landed on the edge of Wilbur's trough.The goose egg had cracked as the trough had hit the egg.There was a horrible smell in the barn.The other animals were upset as the barn was smell but they were glad that the egg saved charlotte's life.Though Templeton was miserable about the loss of his egg,he couldn't resist boasting.In the afternoon,Luvry was going to feed Wilbur,he smelled the horrible smell so he took away Wilbur's trough and buried the rat hole with the egg inside.That night, charlotte carried out her plan.

Chapter 9 Wilbur's Boast

Charlotte is very good at spinning webs.Wilbur admired her a lot and wanted to learn from her on how to spin a web.Wilbur boasted that he could spin a web if he tried,so he tried.Wilbur asked Templeton to help him find a string and tie the string to his tail.Wilbur then climded on top of the manure pile and jumped high up.Charlotte told Wilbur that he lacks a set of spinnerets and know-how. Charlottle told Wilbur that he does not need a web as he has people to feed him while she had to find her own food to survive.At night, Charlotte was thinking of a plan to save Wilbur's life.
Chaper 8 A talk At Home

One Sunday morning,Fern was sitting at the kitchen table.Fern told her mother,Mrs Arable,that Uncle home's goslings had hatched.But one of the eggs did not hatch so the goose told Templeton,the rat, to take the egg away.Fern told Mrs Arable that Charlotte was a very clever spider.Mrs Arable was very worried about Fern.Mrs Arable told her husband,Mr Arable, that Fern could talk to animals.But Mr Arable was not worried at all and said maybe our ears are not as sharp as Fern's.
Chapter 7 Bad News

Wilbur started to like Charlotte especially the way she eat her food, as she always put her victim to sleep before eating them.Wilbur had been gainning weight as he could eat three big meals per day.One afternoon, Fern was sitting on her stool, the oldest sheep walked in to the barn and had stopped to pay a call on Wilbur.The sheep told Wilbur that the farmers were plotting to kill him.Wilbur became so sad after hearing what the sheep had told him.Charlotte comforted Wilbur and told him that she would help him find a way to save his life.Wilbur trusted her and waited for Charlotte to come up with a plan.
Chapter 6 Summer Days

School was over during summer days.Fern visited the barn almost every day.The animals treated her as an equal.During the early days of summer,the goose's eggs would hatch. Although there were eight eggs,only seven had hatched.The egg that did not hatch was given to the rat,Templeton.The animals knew that Templeton had no morals,no conscience,no scruples,no consideration,no decency,no milk of rodent kindness,no compunctions,no higher feelings,no friendliness,no anything.He would kill a gosling if he could get away with it--the goose knew that.Everyone knew it. Templeton then rolled the egg in to his hole.That afternoon,Mr zuckerman had spied on the animals while he was taking Wilbur's supper to him, he was happy to see seven baby geese.
Chapter 5 Charlotte

Wilbur could not get to sleep as he was thinking who that voice could be.The rat, as usual, was gnawing a hole in the grain bin.Finally when day was almost there,Wilbur started searching for the mysterious animal.After searching everywhere,he could not find the mysterious animal anywhere.Wilbur decided to speak up,but no one replied.And finally, the oldest sheep stopped Wilbur and told Wilbur that his friend might be still sleeping.Before Wilbur's morning nap, he heard a voice.He looked up at the corner, his new friend is actually a spider!The spider's name is Charlotte.But Charlotte is actually a fierce, brutal scheming, bloodthirsty animal, which Wilbur hate most. But underneath Charlotte, there is a kind heart inside her, which can proves loyalty and true.

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Chapter 4 Loneliness

The next day was a rainy and dark.The rain had upset Wilbur's plans.He had already plan what he wanted to do on that day but sadly it had to go and rain.For a while he stood gloomily indoors.Wilbur felt lonely and friendless.Soon it was six-thirty,Lurvy had brought Wilbur's breakfast to him.When he dumped the food into the slops,Wilbur did not budge.He noticed that Wilbur did not come for food and he thought that Wilbur was sick and he went to tell Mr Zuckerman about it.Wilbur did not want food all he need was love and a friend.When Wilbur saw the goose ,he went to ask her to play with him but the goose refused as she got eight eggs to be kept warm.Then he went to ask the lamb ,the lambs said that he was not interested in playing with pigs.Just then, he saw Templeton he also ask him to play with him but he said that he hardy know the meaning of play and he went to eat Wilbur's breakfast.Later that afternoon,Mr Zuckerman told Lurvy to give sulphur and molasses to Wilbur.It made Wilbur thought that it was the worst day of his life.When darkness fell,he heard a small thin but pleasant voice he had never hear before.The mysterious animal's had told Wilbur that it had wanted to be his friend and that Wilbur will find out with was he in the next morning.

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Chapter 3 Escape

The barn was very large and very old.It smelled of hay,manure,the smellof the perspiration of tired horses the wonderful sweet breath of patient cows.And there was always hay being pitched down to the cows, the horses and the sheep.The barn was pleasantly warm in the winter when the animals spent most of their time indoors, and it was pleasantly cool in the summer when the big doors stood wide open to the breeze.The barn had stalls on the main floor for the work horses, tie-ups on the main floor for the cows, a sheepfolddown below for the sheep,a pigpen down below for Wilbur and it was full of all sorts of things that you would find in a barn.It was the kind of barn that children like to play in and it was owned by Fern's Uncle Homer L. Zuckerman.
Mr Zuckermanknew that a manure pile was a good place to keep a young pig as pigs needed warmth, and it was warm and comfortable there.Fern came almost every day to visit Wilbur.It made her happy just to be near Wilbur and it made Wilbur happy to know that she was watching him.But he never had any fun-no walks,rides and no swims.When Wilbur was almost two months old,the goose told him that there was a loose board,he squeezed through the fence.
But not long after, Mrs. Zuckerman saw him, and she quickly shout for help to capture the pig. Wilbur was so scared and confused!Soon the news spreaded and all the animals in the farm knew that Wilbur had broke through.Mrs. Zuckerman called her worker,lurvy,and her husband,Mr Zuckerman to catch Wilbur at once.Lots of animals pointed to where he should go; Wilbur is starting to get confused by hearing all the animals command!The farmers capture Wilbur at last and one of the worker fixed the loose board. As Wilbur lie down, he thought to himself, I'm really too young to go out into the world alone.
Chapter 2 Wilbur

Fern loved Wilbur more than anything.She loved to stroke him, to feed him and to put him to sleep.Every morning, she would make a bottle of milk for him.Every afternoon, when the school bus stopped in frount of her house, she would run to the kitchen to make Wilbur a bottle of milk.For the first few days of his life,Wilbur was allowed to live in a box near the stove, in the kitchen.Then,when Mrs. Arable complained, he was moved to a bigger box in the woodshed.At the week age of two,Wilbur was moved outdoors under an apple tree with a large wooden box full of straw with a doorway cut for Wilbur to move in and out freely as it pleased. And at night it would cover itself up with straw to keep itself warm.When Wilbur's appetite had increased, Mrs. Arable suggested that Fern should sell Wilbur to her Uncle Homer as whenever she was free, she could walk to Uncle Homer's barn to visit Wilbur.Fern agreed to it and she went to phone Uncle Homer.They agreed that she would be selling Wilbur for six dollars.The next day,Wilbur was taken from his home under the apple tree and went to live in a manure pile in the cellar of Zuckerman's barn.
Chapter 1

A piglet has been born and Mr. Arable wants to kill it because it is a runt This, according to Mr. Arable means that it was "smaller and weaker" than the other pigs and would "amount to nothing". Fern protests by saying that the pig could not help being born that way and that it would be an injustice to kill it. She pleads her father not to kill the pig. She even attepts to gran the axe from his hand! We can even see what a compassionate girl she is. She cares deeply for the life of the piglet. At first, her father seems firmly about his decision and brushes Fern off by saying that he knows more about raising pigs then Fern does. However, when Fern questions her father on whether he would have killed her if she had been "very small at birth", he softens up. Out of love for his daugther, he gives in to her pleas. He allows her to raise the pig much to her delight. From the very start of the story, we can see how much Fern adores the pig which she names "Wilbur". She even thinks about him during her lessons!